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The Mazovia Observatory of Culture

The Mazovia Observatory of Culture is a regional research and animation program. The aim of the project is to gather knowledge about entities of culture, research on participation in culture, the dissemination of simple tools to study culture and cultural animation.

Cultural Educators

Cultural Educators - The Mazovian Culture and Education Network

Cultural Educators - The Mazovian Culture and Education Network is a three-year operation (2016-2018), which aims to strengthen the animation and education environment and connect the cultural and educational sectors. It takes place within the framework of the National Cultural Center Very Young Culture, whose regional operator in Mazovia Province is the Mazovia Institute of Culture.

Culture of inclusion

The idea behind the project is the cooperation of cultural operators, local government units, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions in the field of inclusive education, i.e. the full inclusion of people with disabilities in social and cultural life.

Mazovia University of the Third Age

Mazovia University of the Third Age has been operating since 2002 at the Mazovia Center of Culture and Arts, renamed in 2014 to the Mazovia Institute of Culture, as an educational and cultural program for seniors who do not work professionally and need to execute their creative passions and interests.

Mazurkas in Mazovia

An animation project, whose main goal is to build public and artistic education in the field of folk music and dance. We work with different groups of recipients: dance ensembles, teachers in schools and kindergartens, music school students, as well as children and youth. We implement art workshops, concerts, dance events.

Mazovia Dance Academy

The Mazovia Institute of Culture has been an organizer of Dance Instructor Courses for 25 years. Currently, it offers classes in the following specializations: folk dance, jazz dance, and contemporary dance. The course prepares you to work professionally as a dance instructor. The courses are created for people who conduct dance groups and for those seeking to improve their qualifications and enhance their skills.

The Mazovian Theater

The Mazovian Theater

- operates within the framework of the Mazovia Institute of Culture, it is the producer or co-producer of shows which are displayed in Warsaw and the Mazowsze region;

Chrzęsne - The Literary Heart of Mazovia

Literary and educational program. The meetings are held in the Palace in Chrzęsne, a unique place connected with the history of Polish art and culture. The program includes a rich and varied offer addressed to children, youth, and adults, with the participation of well-known literary, theater and film creators.

Theater Festival InQbator

The Theater Festival InQbator has been taking place in Ostrołęka since 2010. It is a theater holiday which is made up of stage and open-air performances, workshops, performative actions, as well as meetings with eminent theater artists. The festival is an artistic, educational and integrational project. It presents important theatrical events in a wide spectrum of genres, techniques and interpretation practices.

Movement Theater and performing arts

Since the beginning of its existence, Mazovia Institute of Culture has been promoting and spreading Movement Theater and the so-called performing arts: mime, dance theater, street and outdoor theater. The Warsaw Dance Theater began its activities in our facility, the Stefan Niedziałkowski Mime Studio is located at MIK, and the first edition of the Dance Art center in Warsaw took place here - an innovative project of 17 non-governmental organizations.

Mazovia in the Crown

Invited artists (top Polish early music ensembles, eminent orchestras, choirs and chamber ensembles, as well as soloists - are a magnet attracting audiences to concerts from small towns in our region. Every year in the historic interiors the great and small works of European masters are played.

Light Factory Festival

Light Factory Festival. Przasnysz

Light Factory is a series of cultural events inspired by light and the figure of Stanisław Ostoja-Kotkowski, the precursor of using light as a material in visual arts. The festival takes place in Przasnysz, a small town in the Mazovia Province (17 thousand inhabitants), every year since 2014. This is another project implemented according to the formula inspiration - cooperation - creativity. 

The Caravan

The Caravan - a Wandering Festival of Arts and Animation

The Caravan is a series of one-day artistic events carried out during the summer in small towns. The aim of the project is to transplant valuable cultural events in Mazovia, making the viewers co-creators and inspiring them to independent creative work. The main recipients of The Caravan are children and youth who do not go away during the school holiday period. Since 2007, The Caravan has visited 120 towns.

Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission

Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission is a regional, free of charge service to support national and foreign film crews that are interested in shooting in Warsaw, Plock, Radom, Ciechanow, Ostroleka, Zyrardow, Pultusk... or other areas of the Mazovian voivodship.

Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury