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The Mazovian Theater

The Mazovian Theater

- operates within the framework of the Mazovia Institute of Culture, it is the producer or co-producer of shows which are displayed in Warsaw and the Mazowsze region;

- dramatic theater with regional coverage;

- theater showing the best art of acting, with outstanding artists, known for their roles in Poland and abroad;

- small theater showing interesting and ambitious performances about the universal problems of human relationships;

- repertoire theater with texts by renowned Polish and foreign artists such as Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Jean-Pierre Dopagne, Semyon Zlotnikov, Anat Gov, and Eric Assous.

In 2015, a “network” of partner stages in Mazovia was created, where our performances are played. Currently, there are fourteen of them. The participants of the "network" are local cultural institutions from localities which have no institutional theaters.

The Mazovian Theater

Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury