Theater Festival InQbator

The Theater Festival InQbator has been taking place in Ostrołęka since 2010. It is a theater holiday which is made up of stage and open-air performances, workshops, performative actions, as well as meetings with eminent theater artists. The festival is an artistic, educational and integrational project. It presents important theatrical events in a wide spectrum of genres, techniques and interpretation practices.

Theater Festival InQbator Fot. Krystyna Mostył

It is a cycle of events that provide the opportunity to observe the trends forming the contemporary theater scene – Polish and foreign. The ambition of the creators of the festival is the opportunity to confront each other with the greatest number of performances associated with the main idea.

InQbator is an example of a developed and perfected “style” of activities of the Mazovia Institute of Culture expressed by a triad: inspiration – cooperation – creativity.

The authorities and cultural institutions of Ostrołęka, as well as cities in the Mazovia Province with a population of more than 50 thousand, were invited to participate in the project, which was created from scratch by the Mazovia Institute of Culture. With each edition, partners from Ostrołęka take on a bigger and bigger scope of organizing the festival and this trend will continue.

Theater Festival InQbator

Theater Festival InQbator

Theater Festival InQbator

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